The ACCESS Trusteeship program is a voluntary program that works with clients to assist them with budgeting their money.

This is a free service available to residents of Essex County who are 16 years of age or older.

Participants in the ACCESS Trusteeship program work with their trustee to develop a budget that covers expenses, income, personal needs and anything else that is agreed upon, such as savings.  The participant then makes arrangements to have their income sent to the program.  The trustee uses that money to pay bills and debts and the participant is given money for personal expenses.  The amount and frequency of personal needs money is predetermined at the budget session with the participant’s approval.  The budget is reviewed regularly with the participant and updated when changes occur and when the client begins meeting their financial goals.

The program also offers:

  • Mediation and advocacy with creditors to negotiate debt repayment plans
  • Assistance with budgeting personal needs money
  • Financial training
  • Referrals to other appropriate programs or agencies

The ACCESS Trusteeship program provides extensive personal supports for youth under 18 who are receiving social assistance. A support worker provides youth with:

  • Mediation with social assistance workers, landlords, schools etc
  • Help applying for other available assistance and/or referrals to other programs/agencies
  • Housing supports
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Assistance problem solving and life skills to help youth with living on their own
  • Assistance with goal setting and preparing for adulthood
  • Continued support after the age of 18 and a choice to continue with trusteeship if desired

Financial Literacy workshops are provided by the program for groups or individuals interested in learning money management skills.

Patricia Fram
Director of Housing and Basic Needs
519-324-0990 ext. 24